Beautifully handcrafted, energy infused bracelets created by Cynthia.



The genesis of the Soul Tethering bracelet is a strange one.  The pandemic of 2020 was a difficult situation for everyone. For Cynthia and I, it was no different. To break up the mundane, we would go for a drive each evening after dinner. One of these evenings started out as always, making a tea, hopping in the car and picking a direction to travel.  We had been driving for a while, turning this way and that, and found ourselves close to where my father is buried. My dad passed away in 2013 and had been on my mind a lot for some time. As we passed the cemetery, I suggested we go and visit him.  I had only been to his grave a handful of times since the funeral,  (less than 5, if I'm being honest) so I was really unsure about where his headstone was.  We drove around a bit, and finally pulled over near where I thought he would be. Turns out, we were less than 15 feet from his grave. We walked up, I brushed away some freshly cut grass and knelt there in thought. Some headstones have a built-in vase, that kind of tucks in underneath when not in use. I pulled it out and Cynthia asked what it was, so I explained it to her.  She then let me have a moment by myself with my dad. As we were walking back to the car, she said, "I want to make you a bracelet; one that will connect you to your dad".    She said that my dad had spoken to her and given the idea of a tethering bracelet. On the drive home, we came up with the design, the birthstone of each person, with a Tanzan Aura bead binding them together. Tanzan is a gemstone that opens up the spirit realm, so what better gem to tether two souls together. I believe my dad called us to him that evening to give Cynthia this idea. He guided me right to where he was buried so he could plant the seed. Nicely done, dad!  

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