I would like to recommend Cynthia as a skilled and certified Trilotherapy practitioner. She completed her level 1 Trilotherapy coaching in 2017 with me, and continued on to get her Trilotherapy practitioner certification, enabling her to coach people and assist them to love themselves, access inner peace, awaken their innate gifts, and activate their full potential. 

I witnessed a most incredible shift in Cynthia as she moved through the training. When she first came to me, Cynthia was in a dark place and was literally itching to heal her past and learn how to access and express her gifts freely and fully. Her energy was wildly intense and easily filled up the entire room. Her presence was palpable. As we moved through the training, she soon began to realize her energetic and intuitive gifts and direct them masterfully to both help heal herself and to help others to heal. She moved through huge blocks and fear to become who she is today, offering her services as an Energy Sorceress, Wand publishing, Trilotherapy coaching, and more! She knows the path from darkness to light and the wisdom she gained from her personal experience makes her a great guide for navigating difficult times. 

If you are looking for a highly connected, energy sorceress to assist you with your healing and awakening journey, look no further! Cynthia is your gal! 

Jeri Tourand, Unlimited Love Coach & Trilotherapy Trainer @Living from Heart Center