In DNA Activation, Cynthia serves as a conduit for the Universe. With your permission, she helps the power of Spirit heal you from within. 

Through meditation and connection, she can guide Spirit to not only pinpoint but alleviate what ails you. Be it spirituality, physically, mentally or emotionally, Cynthia's DNA Activation is sure to help. 

One of only a handful of licensed practicing Trilotherapists in Alberta, Cynthia will help you delve deep within to assist in emotional and spiritual healing.  Her compassion and wisdom will assist you in pinpointing the root of any issues, and help release past trauma.

Utilizing her unique and dynamic gifts, invite Cynthia in, as she provides guidance to queries you didn't know you had.  Her skill and accuracy in card and energy readings are second to none.  Spend some time with her and see for yourself.

With intuitive healing, Cynthia taps into Source and applies her unique insight to help you heal from within.  Walk hand-in-hand with Cynthia as she guides your energetic self toward inner peace and tranquility.