I met Cynthia through Trilotherapy lessons a few years ago. The lessons provided a safe space for personal growth and healing and coming into touch with our authentic selves. Cynthia’s energy was so unique it was hard to put words to it. Her energy was electrifying, strong, powerful, and universal. Unexplainable. She has asked me to share the magical experiences I have had with her. She had become a very good friend of mine and I believed in her gifts. I have had cancer several times. Then I had a 3lb tumor in my uterus at the time I met her. She asked if she could try something so I agreed because I have felt her healing energy many times. She called it "altering DNA". You will have to get the exact details but for a week her energy and intentions would visit me when I was sleeping. Every time she used her healing energy her food would go moldy. With every visit, more mold would form on fresh food. Then my plants around me started dying and failing. Within a week I felt so free and healthy again. I just glowed...Cynthia looked at me and said you have no more cancer. My plants came back to life, when I had the tumor removed it was benign. 

Cynthia has gifts of seeing, knowing and feeling many things that exist in our universe. She is connected worldly and she has been learning how to use her gifts to heal on a global scale. It is an honour to know Cynthia and I believe she is part of the strength and power that will help shift our current world to something much more loving and healing. I would welcome Cynthia to not hold back her gifts anymore. This world needs strong healers. 

Your proud friend

Michelle Feil



 I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia in the IPyramid here at Clair-I- Tea. She performed her DNA activation in which she accessed my DNA in order to heal an ailment I was having on the left side of the body. The explanation of what was taking place was informative and healing to my body. Cynthia is a pleasure to work with and a talented reader and healer. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for DNA  activation. 

Kris Dutchak

 Thank you for today, Cynthia.  The online DNA activation session was exactly what I needed. Being able to relax in my own home allowed me to open up and have a full experience. The opening meditation allowed me to focus on the emotional pain points I had been carrying around, recognizing that I am ready to let them go. During the session, I could feel waves of tension and release flow through me. Afterward, I felt groggy, knowing that a lot had purged. During the check-in after the session, Cynthia was spot on where she could feel my blocks and heaviness was. This felt different and deeper than other energy healings that I have had in the past, I am grateful I met Cynthia.

Ashley P



I highly recommend Cynthia's DNA Activation services.  They are sure to help you figure out areas that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.

Thank you so much Cynthia for walking with me on my healing journey. I am forever grateful for my session today in not only balancing my chakras but also how you tapped into my DNA.  

I felt so blessed to have you serve as my conduit to the Universe. Thank you for helping the power of Spirit heal me from within. 

Thank you for taking the time to work with me through meditation and connection I am grateful you were able to pinpoint what has been blocking me emotionally for years. You can tell by the picture I felt on top of the world when my session was complete!

Daphne McDonagh