I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, student and dreamer. I have known since I was a young child that I was different and here to change the world but only began sharing my secrets with the public in 2016. I am very well versed in the spiritual realm and use my intuitive gifts, expertise and multiple talents assisting others to live an empowered, harmonious and abundant life. I offer services that support an individual’s full expression including unique, transcendent card and energy readings, meditations, intuitive healing, DNA activation/reprogramming, and Trilotherapy. In two words: Universal Healer. I am also the owner of WandWear Creations, where you will find handcrafted, upcycled, eccentric jewellery that meets all your spirited needs; and, host a Facebook and Youtube segment called Tea With The Universe, where I invite guests to share in organic chit-chat.  With a background in Journalism, it only makes sense that I am the owner of Wand Publishing and owner/co-creator of The Weekly Wand. 

Currently, I am working towards my certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and obtaining my masters as a Mindfulness Practitioner.

“Welcome to the unknown, where everything is familiar, and anything is possible.”

                                                                                                                              ~ Cynthia


I love new challenges and am passionate about turning my ideas into reality. Below are some samples of my work so you can get a feel for my approach. If you would like to see more work, or want to learn more, please contact me.

In DNA Activation, Cynthia serves as a conduit for the Universe. With your permission, she helps the power of Spirit heal you from within. 

Through meditation and connection, she can guide Spirit to not only pinpoint but alleviate what ails you. Be it spirituality, physically, mentally or emotionally, Cynthia's DNA Activation is sure to help. 

Have you ever remembered something you didn’t know you forgot? Or wondered how many versions of you exist simultaneously? What about time travel or remote viewing? Join Cynthia every Tuesday at 8 pm MST to discuss this and so much more on Tea With The Universe. Welcome to the unknown, where everything is familiar and anything is possible. To be a guest on Tea With The Universe please email Cynthia at subject: Tea 

The Weekly Wand is Inspired by a vision of enlightenment to unite our strengths thru co-creation. An intuitive collaboration with the intention to raise our world to a higher vibration. We all have gifts that transpire magic through creative expression. The fuel that rejuvenates the soul, empowering a life with love and direction. The Wands mission is to attract others that share this vision of becoming one. Where abundance and love can be shared by everyone.

Launched in early 2020, Wand Publishing is sure to make a mark for itself.  Innovative ideas and precise attention to detail make this fledgeling company the perfect fit for all your publishing needs. Not your typical publishing company, Cynthia's hands-on approach will make you feel like you're more than just a number; you'll feel like family...welcome to the family. 

WandWear Creations, where dreams become reality, fantasy becomes truth, imagination comes alive, and strangers become lifelong friends! WandWear Creations offers a variety of unique, captivating, energy-infused jewellery. At WandWear Creations, you will find handcrafted, upcycled, eccentric jewellery that meets all your spirited needs. Our mission is to ensure each design radiates authenticity of soul. Our very own Cynthia infuses each element with her authentic self, adding passion, electricity, sparkle, heart, magnetism, inspiration, virtue and fierceness to each distinctive piece. Welcome to the unknown, where everything is familiar and anything is possible!




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The Weekly Wand

"Welcome to the unknown, where everything is familiar, and anything is possible."


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